Hire an agency, or do it myself?

by Eric December 19, 2017

DIY (do it yourself) is the general nature of most entrepreneurs. DIY is what has enabled entrepreneurs to start and run a business on their own.  The DIY attitude is inherently an attitude of determination and success. But, it does have its limitations.

One of those limitations is- skill / ability  

I’ll give you one example. Just this morning, as I was writing this, I had a brief exchange with a coworker. She taught high school English for most of her life.  I’d love to believe that I’m incapable of making a grammar error in my writing, but I’m only human and, as such, I make mistakes regularly. So, I asked her to proofread my work before I publish this on my site.  She reminded me that I have always been there to help her when her tech stuff misbehaves. Although we both have a large repertoire of skills and knowledge, we both have our specialties. When we share those with one another, neither of us fail.  She is thrilled that she doesn’t have to worry about her computer, and I am thankful to have proper sentence structure!

This is exactly what I’m referring to when I say that DIY has its limitations.  Another example of a limitation with DIY is very simply –  time

We all know the importance of time


Every hour you spend not making any money is an hour you could have.


Once you’ve lost an hour, or 20, they’re gone. They cannot be recuperated.


As an entrepreneur, your time is already spread very thin trying to build and manage your growing business.

Your specialty is in your trade; whether that be cutting hair, selling retail, serving great food or whatever industry your business falls in.

My specialty at Tela Structor is building quality websites, designing graphics and videos, building and running online marketing campaigns and managing social media accounts.There is a lot of work, time, and even more importantly specialized trade skills and knowledge that goes into what we do here at Tela Structor.

You could certainly DIY a website for your business. But how would it turn out? It’s the same comparison as an old home video vs. a Hollywood movie production.  It’s all about quality, amateur vs. pro.

Your site might even look good once you finish. But how much time did you waste on it trying to figure out the odds and ends of it all? That’s time you could have spent making a profit elsewhere. Is your site going to rank high on google? Have you ever heard of the term SEO? Is your site static like a piece of paper or does it function like a smart piece of software to generate revenue for you?

I have dozens more important points to highlight about your businesses website and I haven’t even begun to ask you questions about maintaining your site once it’s built.

-This is why it’s important to leave it to a professional-

If you want a haircut, you go to a professional. For surgery, you go to a professional. To fix your car after a fender bender, you take it to a professional.

-You should do the same for your website, and marketing-

Take these two hummingbird graphics for example. The one on the left is a low-quality amateur graphic. The one on the right, I made.



If your company logo was a bird, which one would you rather have to represent your business? Which one would lend more to your businesses credibility?

I dedicate all of my time to this trade, you dedicate all of your time to yours. We’re both professionals in our own industries. If we work together and mutually share our knowledge, and skill sets, we’ll both succeed. So hire a professional, and let’s help each other.

(As a bonus…it doesn’t cost any more than you can afford because we work within your budget!)

Teamwork makes the dream work. 

-Eric T. Criswell


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